The Newest in Equine Products

If your horse is not acting like they used to, perhaps it is time that you discover the equine products that I Am Cured has to offer. Using the newest in PEMF technology, I Am Cured offers one-of-a-kind solutions to aid in your horses’ wellbeing. Whether they suffer from arthritic conditions, torn ligaments, or have been and will be worked hard in the coming days, a PEMF device can aid in getting them back to their full potential, and ultimately feeling better.

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Equine PEMF Systems are Unique and Reliable

There are amazing health benefits to equine PEMF systems including the ability to relive pain for your horses in minutes. PEMF Wellness Technology LLC is a family run business that possesses a passion for high technology while providing meaningful service to others, including those of the equine persuasion. Our horses are like our family and it is only right that we treat them like the family that they are. If your horse seems to be acting differently or is in pain from arthritis or a pulled muscle, then it is time that PEMF therapy enters you and your horse’s daily routine.

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PEMF Equine Therapy is Ideal for Every Equine Friend

If your horse seems different or if their behavior is much different than their normal, then PEMF equine therapy is something to be considered. PEMF therapy is a one-of-a-kind form of device; a game-changer in the field of therapy, that relaxes, rejuvenates and benefits equines on so many levels. The PEMF device provides long-term pain relief for chronic conditions while simultaneously repairing cells. The preemptive care ability is what sets this device apart from other therapy devices.

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PEMF Devices for Horses are the Best Way to Give Your Horse Therapy

PEMF devices for horses are unlike another form of equine therapy. PEMF therapy renews all tissue, including damaged and diseased tissue while preemptively caring for cells before any damage can be done. Improving circulation by opening and dilating arteries and capillaries is why PEMF therapy is highly sought after; as it is non-invasive and re-energizing. Treatments performed this way have found to be extremely beneficial for a horse’s wellbeing and can drastically improve health and overall state of being.

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Are you Looking for Horse Therapy?

Horse therapy should not be brushed over when it comes to taking care of your equine friends. If your horse is noticeably different and experiencing pain, then it might be time to consider PEMF therapy. Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields is a system changing the way we look at therapeutic options for our animals and ourselves. No one wants their beloved horse feeling the pains from arthritis, pulled muscles, poor circulation and hard work. This therapy relieves this pain and essentially rejuvenates cells, bringing your horse back to how you remember.

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Best Equine PEMF Technology Offered by I Am Cured

The best equine PEMF technology is offered by I Am Cured, where they care for your horses just as much as you do. Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields are not only beneficial to humans, as they operate just as well for horses. From hard-worked horses to those equines that need an added pep to their step, a PEMF device can help with a variety of issues, preemptively or after the fact. Horses are capable of helping humans in a variety of ways, and it is time that we give back to them as well.

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PEMF8000 Equine is Designed to Help Horses and You

Our horses are like family, and with the PEMF8000 Equine we can treat them like family too. PEMF Therapy improves circulation and ultimately regenerates cells through deep penetration in just twenty minutes. This treatment offered by I Am Cured offers an increase in range of motion for high performance horses, relieves tension, reduces pain and inflammation, all with no recovery time. Through complex magnetic pulses that travel through the loop and over or on the body, every living cell is stimulated using a natural electric charge.

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