PEMF8000 Equine is Designed to Help Horses and You

Our horses are like family, and with the PEMF8000 Equine we can treat them like family too. PEMF Therapy improves circulation and ultimately regenerates cells through deep penetration in just twenty minutes. This treatment offered by I Am Cured offers an increase in range of motion for high performance horses, relieves tension, reduces pain and inflammation, all with no recovery time. Through complex magnetic pulses that travel through the loop and over or on the body, every living cell is stimulated using a natural electric charge.

If you are ready to help your horse with PEMF8000 Equine offered by I Am Cured, then visit their website at

PEMF8000 Equine stimulates cells. Change your horses’ lives with the PEMF8000 Equine and get them recharged. – I Am Cured – PEMF Therapy, PEMF8000 EQUINE


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